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What is Rebounding?

6 May 2018

You’ve probably seen Rebounding on our menu and thought “what on earth it that?” We can assure you, it’s not a new kind of speed dating for recently single folk… Rebounding is a type of movement performed on a specially-designed trampoline hailing from Germany (so you know it’s good) designed to get your heart rate up and your lymphatic system working in a low-impact and FUN way.

There’s a reason why you loved jumping on a trampoline so much when you were a kid, it’s what our bodies are meant to do – move! Unfortunately, our sedentary lifestyles of sitting for most of the day doesn’t honor this. We’re movers and shakers, hunters and gatherers, who are designed to move our entire bodies each and every day. Rebounding offers us a fun and effective way to work the entire body, which is why we’re so excited to bring Rebounding to Australia!


What are the benefits of Rebounding?

We get it, you need to know why it’s good for you before you jump in. Rebounding works your entire body: you’ll strengthen your cardiovascular health, build lung capacity, burn fat, improve balance, increase energy. All of this whilst activating your lymphatic system to help your body to flush out toxins, bacteria and waste. You do all this while listening to great tunes and having fun. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! We spoke with Elisa Hansen, one of our highly experienced trainers who teaches Rebounding classes at Willow Urban Retreat. “You get all the benefits of a strong cardio workout, but Rebounding is low-impact, making it much healthier for your joints. Your core is constantly engaged the entire class and you’re getting a full body workout”, says Elisa.

Rebounding has bounced its way into some of the best fitness studios in New York and we’re so excited to be bringing Rebounding to Australia. Bouncing is one of the best things we can do for our bodies, even NASA is on board. A NASA study found that exercising on a trampoline was better than anything else on earth (NASA study), yes that right, better than anything else on (and off) Earth!

Bounce into the right class for you and we swear that once you give it a try, you’ll be hooked! We’ve got a variety of Rebounding classes on the schedule, perfect for any level. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in each session.


Beginners’ Rebounding Classes

If you’re new to jumping and are worried about bouncing your way into a face plant, this class is a great way to dip your toes into the wonderful world of bouncing. The choreography is simple with plenty of explanation from our qualified instructors.


Intermediate Rebounding Classes

If this isn’t your first rodeo and bouncing is your jam then our intermediate class is for you! Expect strong cardio that keeps your heart rate high for an extended period of time. You’ll bounce, squat, run, kick, twist and lunge your way into a high energy workout, all choreographed in fun combinations to great tunes that keep you engaged and working hard.


Rebound Fusion

Everyone loves a good hybrid! Rebound Fusion combines rebounding, dance and barre to provide you with a well rounded, full-body, toning workout. The trampolines are equipped with handlebars at the front, which you can rest your hands on when you need to for added stabilization, so tripping head first isn’t even an option! You’ll use resistance bands for upper body strength and then the trampoline becomes your barre for a serious butt kicking and leg toning sequence. Don’t worry, there will be core too!


You can find out more about Rebounding and how to book into your class here. Give it a go, it’s the most fun way to move your body in a a safe and supported way.

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