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By Gisele Faddoul Intuition is the unseen world that direct...

What is intuition?

16 August 2018

By Gisele Faddoul

Intuition is the ‘unseen’ world that direct us on our Path, the vibrational energetic currency that communicates with us in so many ways. Our sensitivity to connect to our Intuition opens up when we are able to either feel, see or hear ‘within’.

As an exchange of energetic frequencies,  we ‘internalise’ and focus our internal sensitivity, we integrate more subtle vibrational currents and enhance our Intuition (our energetic blue-print). We are all connected to Source and drive through different threads of frequencies so our awareness focuses on our journey in order to grow stronger in Self-Love. I call Intuition, the Divine Truth; as it is only through this channel that we connect to it.

Any ‘inner-focused’ activity (meditation, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and many more) will help you to open up that connection and activate the pineal gland in lieu of accessing to your energetic blue-print. Intuitive guidance allows you to grow more in Love through the Heart connection. Finding your inner Peace is our ultimate goal and allowing the Intuitive guidance will channel you to all the respective lessons needed to be learned in order to find that Peace. To open up your Intuitive side…imagine ‘listening’ with your eyes, ‘hearing’ with your heart and ‘seeing’ with your touch.  Every senses are interchanged as they are all connected to your higher Self.

Over the past 35 years, I have learned to enhance my inner- world.  Through the Intuition and the gifts of hearing, feeling and seeing… I was able to zoom into the subtler layers of the person psyche to balance the chakras (energetic wheels throughout the body) and promote a stronger inner-strength.

By opening up the mind, heart and spiritual sides of the person, one enhances their quality of living through their own Intuitive guidance, as it is through an equilibrium of the three aspects that the Intuition is at its best. An Intuitive Massage or an Intuitive Treatment identifies with your strengths and weaknesses. Balances the female and male energetic bodies at all levels to help you witness your ‘Truth’.  The motto is always…..’it is through acceptance that we grow’.

I will be expanding my knowledge and experience through workshops that will show you how to tune into your Intuition and enhance your lifestyle.


Q & A with Gisele Faddoul

What does holistic wellbeing mean to you?

My daily approach in life encompasses different facets of ‘wellbeing’. Looking at life from all angles of health, mind, and spirit fulfils my desire to achieve and reach my inner wealth.

What elements do you bring to the Willow Team?

I bring a sense of spiritually and strength to the Willow Team. My professional treatments will balance and energise on a daily basis the already ‘inbuilt’ (crystal grid) and magnify the energy of Willow.

What is your favourite treatment on the menu?

It is a difficult question to answer as I actually like most of the treatments on the menu…but I am certainly open to all different aspects of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine treatments.

What’s your favourite way to practice mindfulness, daily?

Self-observation through breathing and connection to my higher self throughout my day helps me to stay grounded.

What does your morning routine look like?

My daily meditation welcomes me into the day.

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