A balanced approach to healing


Ayurveda is at the heart of Willow’s beliefs, gently guiding our guests to experience the ultimate in wellness.

This healing practice dating back over 5000 years, works to bring balance to our vital energies or ‘Doshas’ through a personalised combination of treatments, yoga, diet and lifestyle inspiration.

Menu & Pricing

Wellbeing Consultations

Consultation with Resident Ayurvedic Specialist

The ancient knowledge of Ayurveda is one of the most comprehensive approaches to healthy living and healing. Our Resident Ayurvedic Specialist is highly qualified and a consultation will address the health of the mind, body and spirit. Pulse and tongue diagnosis is used to establish your unique constitution and identify the root cause of imbalance. By examining your lifestyle and physical health, a holistic program will be tailored to best suit your needs and health goals.

60 mins


Review Consultation


30 mins



Blissful Marma Massage

Awaken your inner healing. Firm, long, flowing massage movements and therapeutic techniques  combined with Ayurveda marma point therapy and chakra balancing to align the vital energy centres. Enriching Ayurveda Aromatherapy oil blends deliver active benefits to release tension and balance emotions.

60 mins


Blissful Marma Massage

The 90 minute includes a Subtle Energies signature facial marma massage with potent aromatic actives designed to balance the emotions, release stress and reduce anxiety.

90 mins


Shirodhara - Meditative Massage

Integrate the mind and body. A steady stream of herbal oil is gently poured over the forehead and Ajna (eyebrow) chakra. This deeply calming treatment improves memory, normalises sleep patterns and helps to provide clarity of all senses. A 4-week program is recommended to access ultimate benefits.

60 mins


Pinda Sweda - Poultice Massage

Strengthen and rejuvenate the immune system. A deeply nourishing therapy using cotton compresses of warmed rice, herbs and spices that are applied in a rhythmic massage to help improve circulation and soothe pain in the joints, for a feeling of restored vitality throughout the whole body.

60 mins



*The following add-on treatments may be booked in conjunction with any 60 minute or longer Ayurvedic treatment by calling us on (03) 9822 8778 (03) 9822 8778 .

Vedic Eye Therapy – Marma Point Massage

Soothe tired and sore eyes. Designed to improve vision, enhance memory, concentration, productivity and reduce anxiety. Be guided using ancient Vedic techniques and meditation that will provide balance to the senses and the mind.

30 mins


Shiroabhyanga – Indian Head Massage

Induce a deep sense of calm. Traditional Indian head massage uses therapeutic ingredients such as neem and coriander seed to provide a sense of grounding, while improving blood flow on the scalp and releasing neck and shoulder tension.

30 mins


Kati Vasti - Lower Back Massage

Soothe muscular tissue and help alleviate lower back pain. A traditional and nurturing treatment using warm medicated herbal oils that are pooled in a small circle of organic paste on the lower back helping to lubricate the discs and nerves in the spine.

30 mins


Aromatherapy Steam Shower

Our steam showers have high humidity and are heated to 43° to help the body release toxins and boost the immune system. Sore, tired muscles and stuff joints will benefit, improving blood circulation and lymph detoxification, supporting respiratory ailments and improving skin conditions. We utilise different essential aromatherapy oil blends to energise the mind and invigorate the senses.

30 mins


Garhana – Dry Body Brushing

Encourage cell renewal and smoother skin. There is no oil used at all in Garhana. A dry, brisk and rhythmic massage with coarse body gloves to stimulate lymphatic drainage and exfoliate the skin, improving circulation and detoxification.

15 mins


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