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Retreat Programs

Our retreat programs adopt an integrated approach to optimise your wellbeing. Through rejuvenation, rest, movement and education we are here to provide you with lasting inspiration and the tools to implement positive lifestyle change.

Lifestyle Focus

If you would like to focus your intention on weight management, stress reduction, general wellbeing or detoxification we offer therapies, holistic medicine, movement classes, nutritional and lifestyle solutions for your area of focus:

Detox & Digestion

Our digestive and metabolic systems can become overloaded, causing uncomfortable physical, mental and emotional symptoms. The benefits of a gentle detoxification program by reducing toxins, improving nutrition, mindful movement and various holistic therapies can effectively result in reduced inflammation, weight loss, a clear mind and renewed energy.




Inner Peace

Integrate nutritional and movement based practices including holistic therapies into your lifestyle and use conscious breathing techniques to assist in quietening a busy mind. Yoga, meditation and sound healing can assist in freeing the body from tension, reinvigorate your inner being and restore inherent calm.




Ayurveda & Yoga

Maintain health, rejuvenate and strengthen your body with Ayurveda and yoga. Embrace a personalised Ayurvedic diet and Lifestyle Plan as prescribed by our Resident Ayurvedic Specialist and enhance its effects by integrating traditional Ayurveda therapies, pranayama and a regular yoga practice. For beginners and yogis alike.




Sleep Deeply

Stress, exercise, diet and lifestyle all impact the quality of our sleep. Address imbalances and promote a more healthful sleep drawing on Eastern based traditional medicine, including acupuncture and massage therapies, nutrition, movement and mindfulness practices it’s all in a good night’s sleep.




Longevity & Resilience

Stress hormones accelerate aging and compromise a healthful immune response. Be guided in a supportive lifestyle approach to longevity with a nutrient dense, low glycaemic and low inflammatory diet. Regular movement and mindfulness practices will reinforce resilience and help you better manage stress.




Men’s Health

Increased physical activity, lifestyle and healthy dietary changes are known to benefit vascular health, support healthful weight loss and improve resilience to stress. Our Men’s Health program provides treatment, tools and resources for the modern man to harness healthy living and mindful practices that are practical to implement and sustain.




Women’s Health

Replenish harmonious hormones with a lifestyle approach at any stage in life. Through guided detoxification, embracing stress management strategies, movement and mindfulness practices, you will receive personalised and evidence based guidance from our wellness experts to ensure optimal results.




Retreat Experience

The retreat experience begins with an initial consultation and one of our Wellness Experts will provide you with a Lifestyle Plan that will help guide you on your personal journey to become the best version of you.

If you would prefer to co-create a retreat program, our team can work with you on a personalised experience tailored to your needs. Our team are here to support you throughout the entire experience. Upon arrival we will guide you through our facilities, education and classes, treatments and nutritional cuisine.







1/2 Day Retreat

  • Wellbeing Consultation
  • Lifestyle Plan
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Wellness Spa treatment
  • Spa or detox lunch and pressed juice

1/2 Day



1 Day Retreat

  • Wellbeing Consultation
  • Lifestyle Plan
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Wellness Spa treatment
  • Movement or Mindfulness class
  • Program Prescription Kit
  • Detox or Spa lunch and pressed juice

1 day



3 Day Immersion Retreat

  • Wellbeing Consultation
  • Daily Wellbeing Reviews
  • Lifestyle Plan
  • 3 Infrared Saunas
  • 6 Wellness Spa treatments
  • 3 Movement or Mindfulness Classes
  • Program Prescription Kit
  • 3 Detox or Spa lunches and pressed juices

3 days



Transformation Retreat

  • Wellbeing Consultation
  • Wellbeing Reviews
  • Lifestyle Plan
  • Infrared Saunas
  • Wellness Spa treatments program
  • Movement or Mindfulness Classes
  • Program Prescription Kit
  • Detox or Spa lunches and pressed juices
  • Wellness Workshops
  • Cooking Classes

6 weeks



Bespoke Retreat Program

If you would prefer to co-create a retreat program with a different focus from 1 day to 3 months or longer, our team can tailor a plan to best suit your needs.




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